Sean, Chelsey & their 3 pups.    Picture Courtesy of  ENV Photography

Sean, Chelsey & their 3 pups.  Picture Courtesy of ENV Photography

Meet Your Photographers

From their first date, Sean and Chelsey connected on their love of photography. 

Both shoot with Canon cameras and like the other's photos more than their own. It is this mutual admiration that makes Pixels by Capri Photography what it is. 

"For us, it's about appreciation and respect for our clients and each other. I think that's what makes us special." - Chelsey

"Yes. What she said." - Sean

A little more about Chelsey...

I love photography! But I’m sure you probably could have guessed that already. I’ve been annoying my family by taking thousands of pictures since as long as I can remember. But as cheesy as it might sound, nothing makes me happier than snapping a shot that captures a special moment in someone's life.

Maybe something a little less obvious about me is I’m a bit of a nerd. I started playing videogames when I was just a toddler, so I was thrilled when I met Sean who shares in this love of gaming. We had a Mario-themed wedding and created a geek-chic look in our home (including a pretty awesome nerd-cave if I do say so myself!) We love to game together but also enjoy dressing up as our favorite characters and attending Comic-Cons around the world.

I have a soft spot for any and all animals, but I’m especially fond of my three adorable pups. When we're not taking pictures or gaming, we're spending time with our fur-babies. I’ll warn you now – if your pet is part of your photo shoot, I will probably greet them first. It’s really not personal, I promise! This is also true with babies. Their itty-bitty little hands and feet are just too much for me to contain myself. They too will get the first greeting. And again, it’s not personal!

Sean and I plan to have a family (of the non-furry kind) one day, but in the meantime I get my ‘baby fix’ with newborn sessions. I think I fall a little bit in love with each baby I have a shoot with! (Even the ones that poo and/or pee on me!) And I love that every parent seems to have this amazing parenting “trick” up their sleeve. With all these great tips I feel like I will be the most prepared parent out there when the time comes!

I guess to put it quite simply: I’m a nerdy photographer that loves animals and babies. And I look forward to hearing about any of your nerd-like qualities and meeting your furry and itty-bitty loved ones!

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